Friday Update – March 27, 2020

Mark Turner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another week has passed since my last message to you. I hope you are keeping morale as high as it can be in the current difficult circumstances.

During this time, the COVID-19 news has been almost entirely bleak with further developments of the virus across the world. I do, however, take some glimmer of hope that in a few countries, infection rates are beginning to slow down. We are very grateful to those essential workers who are responding magnificently to help so many on an individual basis. We appreciate the sacrifice this involves.

While out for a walk on Mount Tolmie, I was encouraged by a note written on a pebble placed strategically on a rock for passersby to view. It read, “stand together, stand apart.” While our school remains apart, we are certainly standing together and are now considering ways to support key workers as best we can. “Standing together, standing apart” would seem to be a great motto for our new remote learning plan. We are excited to anticipate rolling this out with effect from Tuesday, April 14, as previously stated.

The Board of Governors has also set out a series of meetings through to May 1, to ensure that we are able to adapt to changing circumstances and to provide answers to ongoing key questions as best we can.

As you would expect, the school is closed as much as possible to visitors. I would, however, like to offer kudos to our administrative staff who are continuing with a business as usual approach, either here on campus as necessary or working from home. Our maintenance and grounds teams have done an outstanding job in preparing the school for the possibility of everyone’s return.


  • Read this article to find how our faculty is preparing for moving the classroom online.
  • The School remains closed for all routine events until further notice.
  • All holidays activities and external programs have been cancelled.

FAQs on our website will continue to be updated as necessary. Please check this resource and our website regularly for updates, before contacting the school.

We hope that you are able to spend some quality time as families even though options may be limited.


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