GALLERY: Junior School Celebrates Global School Play Day

No teaching, no organization, no structure – just play.

There are immense benefits to giving students time to play, and at the Junior School we see the value in bringing the fun and skill-building of play into the classroom.

Last week our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students participated in Global School Play Day, an event that promotes the benefits of unstructured play.

“A day like this is a chance for us to really celebrate the importance of play in a child’s life and to shine a light on the fact that we really value play,” says Kathleen Cook, assistant director of the Junior School. “It’s a child’s way of learning, and unstructured play can be particularly beneficial when you give the children the tools to experiment and be creative.”

Play provides students with the opportunity to organically grow their social and emotional skills through curiosity, creativity, cooperation and critical-thinking in an unstructured environment outside of the classroom.

Read student reflections from last year’s Global School Play Day.


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