2019 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Junior School students, teachers and families celebrated the end of the school year last Thursday. We wished everyone a safe and happy summer, and our community celebrated our Grade 5 students who will join the Middle School next year. Students also looked back on the past year and reflected on the many memorable moments.

At the Junior School Closing Ceremonies, Grade 5 students Ellie and William read a prayer with Rev. Keven Fletcher that highlighted many of the things they are thankful for.

Junior School Closing Prayer

It’s a privilege to be at a school where there are lots of opportunities for us. We know we are fortunate because there are places in the world where they barely have schools – just benches and lots of children crowded into one room.

Here we have teachers who help us get a good education. They give us choices and help us get through our work and they always have smiles on their faces. They make it fun with things like figuring out when sushi goes bad and exploding bears.

When we have an accident on the playground, we know we can go to kind people in the front office, who will look after us whether we need Band-Aids, ice-packs, or a bed to lie on.

We appreciate our facilities – that we have a room for art, a gym for PE, a centre for learning, and a lab for our imaginations. This school is a colourful and safe place.

Then there are the other students, our friends. We’re thankful that everyone’s really friendly and that it’s a place where we can grow friendships. Some of us play grounders together while others sit on the playground doughnut and talk while we slowly spin ourselves. We’re so close that we share things we usually wouldn’t talk about.

We know that a lot of people make this possible, including our parents. We appreciate all of their volunteering in the library and on events like Shrek.

For all of this – opportunities, staff, facilities, friends, and parents – we’re grateful.

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