Memories and Connections

Eliot Anderson

While students (and staff) head into a well-deserved long Victoria Day weekend break, many students are taking the opportunity to practice their leadership skills this weekend on outdoor trips.

On the senior campus, a key highlight for students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 are the annual grade trips. Coordinated by the Outdoor Education team of Pete McLeod and Craig Farish, these adventures are consistently cited as highlights in our graduates’ reflections and are regularly referenced by our alumni who return to campus.

Of course, our focus at the senior level at the moment sits squarely on the AP examination schedule and the challenges posed therein. However, it’s good to remember that often, the experiences that become most inscribed in our memories are those that take place outside of the classroom. It is the human connections forged while kayaking, sitting around a campfire or working hard on the training ground that bind us together as a community and build relationships that extend into adulthood.

So, with just five weeks to go until the end of the year, we welcome the Grade 9s back and hope that they were able to make some fantastic memories, we wish all our athletic teams the best of luck as they head to the end of their competitive seasons and congratulate our seniors for a job well done on the completion of their exams.


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