Students reflect on Global Play Day

Students playing at the Junior School as part of Global Play Day

On February 8, students at the Junior School celebrated Global Play Day. Global Play Day is an opportunity for the Junior School to highlight the importance of play in the lives of children.

For the last hour of the day the children are allowed to move freely through the Junior School and choose their play opportunity, from a wide variety of experiences offered to them, including experimenting with light in the Imagination Lab and LEGO. It is always met with a resounding cheer in assembly when it is announced that it is now time for Global Play Day!

Below are reflections from some of our Kindergarten and Grade 2 students on Global Play Day:

From Kindergarten:

“I really really liked how every single room was open and we could choose wherever we wanted to go. I really liked how everyone was playing together and being inclusive.” – by Emma

“I like that you don’t have to go in order of wherever you go. In the Grade 2 room there were those blocks that clip together.” – by Kate

“The thing I liked is that you were able to go by yourself. I went to my mom’s classroom and she put out drawing and played music.” – by Isla

“In the other Kindergarten class the kitchen was open. I liked how in Grade 1 there were lots of costumes.” – by Elizabeth

From Grade 2:

“On Global Play Day it was fun because it was on my birthday and you could be as creative as you want.” – by Kian

“On Global Play Day I got a chance to walk to different classes and I got to have so much fun with my friends. Play is important because you get to experiment with stuff and you get to follow your passions.” – by Oscar

“On Global Play Day I went to 1P and in there I dressed up. Jamie was a princess. It was goofy!” – by Sam

“On Global Play Day you have a chance to explore and you have a chance to go anywhere no matter what age you are. You can go in any classroom. You get to experiment with toys. You get to follow your passions.” – by Tristyn

“On Global Play Day I went to the art room. It was fun because I drew and drawing is my favourite thing to do and because I was drawing with my friend Anya.” – by Rhys

“On Global Play Day I went to 1P and played with Piper, Anya and Olivia. We played princess. Why play is important to me is you experiment with things and follow your passions.” – by Silke

“On Global Play Day I chose three classrooms. I first went to 3G. I did Lego and built a helicopter. The next classroom I went to was the gym and I saw basketball. I did that and the last classroom was the Music Room. There was a lot of noise and I played the drum.” – by Christopher

“On Global Play Day I went to 1P. In there was dress up. There was really cool stuff to dress up as like a dragon, a princess and a knight. Play is important to me because you can be creative and follow your passions.” – by Jamie

“On Global Play Day I found the Library fascinating because it had typewriters. We could write messages and read. Play is important because it lets you follow your passions. You can have fun, you can experiment with things and you can have some freedom.” – by Yingshan

“For Global Play Day I went to many different places. They were all really fun. I think play is important because you can choose what you want to do and because you can be creative. I went to 4S and Gabby and I played Balance the Penguins on the Boat. It was really fun.” – by Nina

“Global Play Day is important that your teacher isn’t bossing you around. My favourite class was in the gym. There was basketball and scoop.” – by Grayson

“Global Play Day is important because it lets you follow passions and creativity. You don’t have to be afraid to go anywhere. Play is for kids like me to be happy, interested and most of all, have fun.” – by Anya

“On Global Play Day I went to 4S with Abi. We made up a game. Why play is important is because we might not have that toy at our house and because we need to be creative and to pretend.” –by Lauren

“Global Play Day is fun because it lets you have fun. It is important because it lets you follow your passions. On Global Play Day I went to 4N. They had lots of LEGO.” – by Daniel

From Grade 5:

“I think that Global Play Day is important because it gives us the opportunity to be a kid and play. I think that Global Play Day is important because it gives people of all ages a day to have fun and play with friends and family. It is an important day because we have a lot of fun going around the school, playing in all the different classrooms and experimenting with new things. Another thing about Global Play Day is that you can explore all of the different ways that you can play and be imaginative. Global Play Day is also a day of fun! We can go around the school and play in all the classrooms. One of my favorite parts of Global Play Day is going to one of the grade two classrooms and making Rainbow Loom with my friends. That is why I think that Global Play Day is important to be a part of.” – by Braelyn

“On February 8, the Junior School had Global Play Day. I like it because we learn through play. We can learn strategy through board or card games, and communication skills through doing a project with someone. I also love how creative we can be during play. Whether it’s in art or roleplay, everyone has fun! During Global Play Day, I always enjoy the freedom to go into any room. This year, I played in the gym with my friends and it felt really good to be active. I also really liked going to the Imagination Lab. There are so many possibilities with pipe cleaners and beads! Global Play Day is terrific because it feels so good to be with your friends. You don’t even realize that you’re learning!” – by Sophie


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