A Need for Adventure

Eliot Anderson

This week, our Grade 11 and 12 students have been hard at work writing their mid-year assessments. The campus has been a place of quiet study and focused preparation as we crest the halfway point of the school year. Additionally, our Grade 11s will soon be considering their course load for Grade 12 and this year’s graduating class has been busy completing their university applications for next fall. With each passing day, we move closer to these plans becoming more of a reality for them. Exciting times indeed.

At the Senior School, we speak a great deal about this pathway into post-secondary life and so occasionally it is worth reminding ourselves of the importance of a strong world understanding and how experiences out in the world can shape us as adults and impact our path in life. We certainly have a diverse community on our campus and so, in some respects, it could be said that we are ahead of the game in this aspect here at SMUS. Additionally, offerings like our International Service trips provide opportunities for our students to see the world in a number of different countries and contexts that go beyond a traditional holiday.

Robert Bateman and Bristol Foster are bringing their story of world exploration to the campus on Monday, February 11. This is a unique opportunity for our community to hear from two exceptional Canadians who charted an amazing course in pursuing a passion for the planet, an interest in cultures and fulfilling a need for adventure. I hope you will join us to listen to the “Rover Boys” (more information and registration online) and to see the visuals from their trip. All students in Grades 6 to 12 will hear from them too and we believe that their creativity, adventurous spirit and inspiration will rub off on us all.


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