Photo Gallery: Middle School Students Shine at Science Fair

Weeks of hard work and dedication paid off this week as our Grade 6 and 7 students presented their Science Fair projects to schoolmates, teachers and parents. Students chose subjects that interested them and then investigated the topic in depth either by answering a driving question or by designing a prototype.

The quality of the students’ work is outstanding given this is the first time that many of them have led a project of this scope and size through the Scientific Method.

The topics students explored were incredibly varied and interesting, including:

  • how the pH value of water impacts plant growth
  • how mould grows on hamburgers that have different preservative levels
  • using fruit to generate an electric current
  • what soap is safest and most effective to clean animals after an oil spill

You can see some photos of the students presenting their projects in the photo gallery below:


Kyle Slavin
Kyle Slavin is the school's storyteller. Through words and photos, he shares with the community all the amazing things that happen on campus.


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