The Importance of the Parent Survey

Mark Turner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am pleased to have this opportunity to remind you to take part in our parent survey for our Strategic Plan. We are now at the midway point that the survey is open, with the deadline looming on January 28.

As previously mentioned, your views are really important to us. As the Board of Governors begins to identify our priorities for improvement and change looking forward to 2030, we are seeking to hear from the broadest possible opinion base. In fact, our research tells us that the consultation exercise that we are going through, in conjunction with RSAcademics, is the largest ever undertaken by an independent school in Canada. By the time the process is completed, we will have provided the opportunity for almost 10,000 people from our alumni base, faculty, staff, parents and student body to present their views, which will be combined with those ideas generated by our Board.

Within the questionnaire, I hope that you will find that the blend of structured questions and opportunity for you to provide your own comments will allow the information you share to be collected and presented in a clear way.

I am aware from personal experience that it is possible to have “survey overload”; with so many research projects going on, there is a tendency to delete new surveys or to park them somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Of all the surveys you may have received from SMUS, I would make a pitch that this is the most significant for feedback at a time when we are really receptive to hear it.

As I sign off, I should like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and successful 2019.


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