The Importance of Feedback

Kate Knight

A question we often ask students (and each other) in the Middle School is “how are you showing up”? How are your choices and actions being received and perceived by those around you? We engage students and staff in this process of self-reflection and feedback so that what we are putting out into the world aligns with our intended message.

Reflection and feedback is an essential part of the SMUS experience as a whole. Whether meeting with students after an international service program to review what elements of their experience they most valued, or engaging in the CAIS accreditation process last Spring about where we can grow as a school, asking good questions offers us the opportunity to see ourselves through fresh eyes.

The Middle School recently asked Middle School parents to offer feedback via a survey on a variety of topics, including STeP conferences, homework, and screen time. If you’ve not yet completed the survey, we would welcome your input. We look forward to the results and to better understanding how we are “showing up” in our community.


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