Lest We Forget


When it comes to tradition, few events at our school stand equally with our Remembrance Day ceremony.

It draws from our past as a cadet school, when students marched with precision across our quad and fields. We still process with crucifer and flags. We still join our voices around anthems and hymns that were familiar to the old boys. We still share the Lord’s Prayer they knew well. All these elements are a constant.

At the same time, there are differences that are both subtle and essential. We are an international school, drawing from nations across our planet. There’s little place for carrying over set notions of sides or victory within a diverse community whose citizens don’t reflect old alliances and arguments. In this way, the past is very much behind us.

By maintaining our traditions while recognizing our current reality, we strive for an authentic recognition of the losses suffered through armed conflict. When we read the last letter written by one of our founders, Captain Harvey, along with the names of our students who died in the First and Second World Wars, we connect to the loss; it becomes personal.

And, most significantly, it opens us to consider not only the past, but also how we respond to the challenges of our day. Lest we forget.


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