Past, Present and Future

Keith Driscoll

Last night we hosted one of my favourite events of the year: the Founders’ and Scholars’ Dinner. This event honours the founders of the two original schools that amalgamated in 1972 to give us St. Michaels University School. University School was founded by W.W. Bolton, J.C. Barnacle and R.V. Harvey in 1906 and St. Michael’s School was founded by K. C. Symons in 1910.

Our Founders’ and Scholars’ Dinner is always a wonderful evening that combines the celebration of our past with a recognition of the present. More than 40 of our current student scholarship recipients are invited and it’s a wonderful opportunity for those students to meet the person (an alumnus, past parent, faculty) or a family member behind the sponsored scholarships. The student recipients represent a diverse collection of passions, cultures and socioeconomics, that without donor support would likely not be a part of our community.

I believe our founders would be impressed at our efforts to create the diverse, globally minded community that comprises our School today. At SMUS, we have 52 nationalities and with that comes different perspectives and learning opportunities for our entire community.

Looking ahead, another event that typifies the richness of our community is the annual Boarders Without Borders. This is when our boarding students are invited into a local SMUS family’s home for a home-cooked meal. I would personally like to thank all our families for their generosity in opening up their homes to boarding students and for hosting students over long weekends. It’s through these opportunities that we keep our community strong, honouring the past and looking forward to a future our founders would be proud of.


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