Every Student, Every Opportunity

Shara Campsall

At SMUS our students are encouraged to explore the vast range of opportunities available to them, including opportunities in the arts, athletics, academics, outdoor education, leadership and service. Our Annual Appeal funds ‘the extras’, those unique opportunities which makes SMUS so special. Every beloved element of our School is bolstered by the Annual Appeal. It’s the generosity of our community that creates immediate opportunities for financial aid, facilities and, most importantly, the student experience.

This student experience is what matters to all of us at SMUS, regardless of being a faculty member, staff, an alumnus or fellow student. SMUS is a community that truly gets behind each individual child and says, “you’ve got this.” I am constantly reminded of our mission: “Our school seeks the excellence in all of us, with passion and compassion.”

With the generous support of our extended community, the dreams and opportunities we want for our students are possible. We are a not-for-profit organization and we depend on the philanthropic support of our entire community. All gifts, no matter their size, will contribute to the shared success of our School. We may not be a needy institution, but we certainly are a deserving one.

This week we launch our 2018/2019 Annual Appeal. Please do give in support of our students. You can find more information about the Annual Appeal and a donation form on the Annual Appeal webpages.

Thank you and Vivat!


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