Gratitude and Community at Thanksgiving

Eliot Anderson

Incredibly, the Thanksgiving Weekend is already upon us. I am sure that everyone can agree that the opening weeks of the school year are very full! This is an intentional effort to engage our students as quickly as possible in everything we do, as research tells us that engaged students are the most successful in the academic arena. Given the pace of the opening of term, we are fortunate to have the opportunity this weekend to pause and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for.

While family and friends are front and centre in our minds over this holiday, I also take a moment to consider how fortunate I am to be a part of this community, and all that it offers. I am surrounded by dedicated professionals who work so diligently to hone their craft, students who bring energy and enthusiasm to our campus, and an engaged and caring parent community that supports all that we do here at the school. When we combine these three ingredients, we have the recipe for an outstanding school community. Certainly, I believe, it is one for which we can be grateful.

In support of this community, we also have amazing facilities in which to work, create, learn and play! This year, the Sun Centre has transformed the Richmond Road campus and strengthened our community further. The dining hall is a welcoming space that has room for our entire boarding community to sit together and enjoy a meal, and more day students than ever before are joining us for lunch.

On the main floor, the student commons has Senior School students studying throughout the day in quiet corners while larger groups gather to chat about all the things teenagers chat about… all the while with their phones “off and away”. The building is most certainly fulfilling our hopes of an environment where students can become more deeply connected with our community while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

How could one not be grateful for this wonderful space, our amazing community of learners and the school we call home?


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