Indicators from the CAIS Accreditation Report

Mark Turner

There’s an old saying that suggests “good things come in threes”. The start of the term saw the opening of the Sun Centre and the recruitment of our 1,000th student! What else could top that? The answer lies in the receipt of the final draft of our Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) accreditation report.

Last term, a 13-member team of experienced educators, from some of the leading independent schools across Canada, reviewed the school against 12 key standards. Obviously when the school opens itself to such intense scrutiny, approximately every six years, there is a degree of heightened nervous tension.

It was good to read in the introduction to the report that the accreditation committee saw our own self-evaluation as a new “benchmark” for schools going through the CAIS accreditation process. It appears that SMUS’s reputation for being a leader among the great schools of Canada has been reinforced.

Inevitably, it was the aim of the accreditation team to identify areas for further improvement. Recommendations and suggestions have been made, which will be individually identified, discussed and followed through over the course of the next nine months. We will not be complacent or leave any stone unturned.

The accreditation team noted that one of SMUS’s greatest strengths has been its consistent focus on its Mission and Vision. My early weeks at the school concur wholeheartedly. While I’m sure we all have views as to how things can be done differently, and even improved, to have these two most crucial elements of the school strong and unanimously supported is a significant tribute to all who have contributed to building SMUS up to the school it is today over many generations.

Many thanks to everyone involved.


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