The Joy of Community

Becky Anderson

There is one word to summarize the start of school at the Junior School and that is Community. At the very heart of the school is our focus on relationships. We believe close connections to other children, teachers, and parents in our joyful environment ignites learning.

Teachers develop and support the community in their classrooms, establishing relationships to ensure each and every child feels comfortable, connected and ready to learn. This is where we see the strongest sense of community. We know, and research affirms, that the learning environment and the conditions teachers create for students is essential to their success. A warm, inclusive and inviting atmosphere allows children to share more in class, secure a positive association with learning, and develop a growth mindset knowing they are valued members of the classroom community.

Chapels and Assemblies provide the time and space to create and build community as a whole Junior School. With our kindergarten children in their red polo shirts at the front and our Grade 5 students in their fresh blazers at the back of the gym, this is our chance to explicitly teach about the Virtues, hear the same stories, learn together, and have common experiences.

We believe a strength of our school is the connection to the parent community. Parents are the most important partner in a child’s education. The connection between parents and teachers is vital in creating a positive and productive learning environment. As much as we are partnering with parents on this educational journey, we also value the support and friendships that develop between parents at pick up, drop off, weekend sports, and various social events. These connections further deepen the sense of community that exists at the Junior School and make our school a positive place for each of us. Look out for future ways you as parents, can become more involved in our community.

It has been a wonderful start to the year and as one new student shared with me on the second day of school, “I can’t believe how many friends I have already. It feels like I went here last year!” As we settle into the routines of the school year, may we all be open to new friendships and committed to existing ones, feeling connected and inspired to have another joyful year!


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