Meet our 2018-19 Head Girl and Head Boy

Morgan Warner and Ewan Halliday were elected Head Girl and Head Boy for the 2018-19 school year. We are excited to see these two great students, and their amazing peers on the Prefect Assembly, lead the student body this year.

We asked the student leaders some questions to get to know them and to find out the impact they hope to make at SMUS.

Why did you want to be Head Boy or Head Girl?

Ewan – Head Boy is a job where you really get out of it what you put in. It’s a job that allows you to take responsibility for your actions and make a difference in our school community. I see a lot of potential in this role. This potential, hopefully, can be used to cement the class of 2019 as the one that transformed the school. In 5, 10 or 30 years, when this group looks back on our final year high school, I hope that they will all be able to say, “I helped the school in some way”. If being Head Boy will allow my peers to look back fondly upon the school, then my dream will have come true.

Morgan – You will often hear me use words like “community” or “home” when I refer to SMUS, and that’s because that is how I have always seen it. I wanted to be Head Girl because I would love for every person who is involved in the amazing environment that is SMUS to feel the same way. I believe that there really is something special going on here and that everyone deserves to feel it.

What makes Morgan Head Girl material?

Ewan – Morgan has a huge heart, and this can be her greatest strength. If you’ve met her, you know that she wears this heart on her sleeve and that she is very passionate. When Morgan is given a challenge that she truly cares about, she tackles the challenge with more determination and tenacity than anyone else I know. Being Head Girl is a challenge that Morgan cares about deeply, and for that reason, I believe she is more than ready for the school year.

What makes Ewan Head Boy material?

Morgan – Ewan is one of the most genuine and hard working people I have ever met. When he speaks to somebody, he means every word he says, when he is thinking of new ideas, he leaves no stone unturned. I know that every idea he has and decision he makes will have the entire school’s best interest in mind. He throws himself into his passions so much so that there is no way a community can not benefit from having him as a leader. As Ewan and I are both boarders and have been good friends since we both started at SMUS, I have been able to see how the school has developed into his home. Above all, Ewan loves this school fiercely and I believe that that is truly what will make him a great Head Boy.

What role do you see the Head Boy and Head Girl playing in the school community and for the student body?

Morgan – I see the Head Boy and Head Girl in an integrated and supporting role. I think some people picture it as this big, controlling position, but really they are there to support our school. Strong bonds are key to a strong community and the Head Boy and Head Girl should be the first to initiate them. As a pair they should be able to to connect with different aspects of school in different ways so that they can work to bring the school closer together. This not only means being approachable, but also being open to parts of the school that you might not have participated in before. Overall, they are there to support and help fulfill the ideas and goals of the people working around them.

Ewan – For the student body, I think it’s important that the Head Girl and Head Boy play a supportive role. Officially, our job is to cater to the needs and desires of the student body, while representing the administration’s needs to the students. More specifically, though, I see the role of the Head Girl and Head Boy as a problem-solving one. Every year, the incoming Head Girl and Head Boy identify certain aspects of the school that they would like to work on, and their efforts are put towards inventing a creative solution that deals with the issues.

What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of the position? And what are you most looking forward to about being in the role?

Ewan – Grade 11 flew by in the blink of an eye for me and I have a feeling that Grade 12 will fly by just as fast. The Prefect Council is already buzzing with ideas for the upcoming year, so I think the biggest challenge will be organizing all the ideas so that they may all come to fruition within such a short time period. The group is definitely ready to put in the work, so it would be a shame if we ran out of time to implement our ideas.

Morgan – I think the most challenging part of the position is knowing that we have a finite number of days in our roles as Head Boy and Head Girl. The Prefect Assembly is absolutely bursting with amazing talent and ideas, but it is really daunting to know that there are all these ideas and only 10 months to accomplish them. We are going to have to work as a team to keep everything organized and running smoothly so that we can work on as many of these ideas as we can.

The roles of Head Boy and Girl are very public and connection-based. I am so excited to be able to use the role as Head Girl to get to know every aspect of the SMUS community. There are so many interesting people involved within different aspects of our school, I would really like to connect with as many of them as I can and use the knowledge I gain from them to help better the community as a whole.

What kind of ideas do you (and the Prefect Assembly) have for the school year?

Morgan – Something that I would really like to work on this year is transparency between the Prefect Assembly and the rest of the school. Around election time in June, it was really common to hear students say, “But what does a Prefect even do?” I would love to be able to give visibility to the different leadership roles that all the Prefects are undertaking and be able to give the rest of the school a better idea of all the hard work they do.

One of my ideas for this is through social media (possibly a blog). It would then also act as a platform for the student body to be able to give feedback to the Prefects on any work they have done or ideas they have had.

Ewan – Our hope for the year is that the activities available at our school are attended by everyone in our school. For this to happen, all the activities that exist must be advertised to the entire student body. This is where the idea for a “student-based calendar” originated. This is a calendar that all students have access to and that lists all the extra-curricular activities in the school. Our hope is that this new calendar we create will help students find a hobby they’re interested in.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the coming year?

Ewan – At the end of our Grade 11 year, there was a new energy in the air during our grade meetings and assemblies. People were always discussing their future plans and what they hoped their senior year would bring; it was easy to see that the Class of ’19 was eager to start. Being part of that atmosphere was really special for Morgan and I, it really changed the way we saw our roles. As Head Girl and Boy, we plan to spread that energy to everyone in the school, from Kindergarten students all the way up to the staff, so everyone gets that special atmosphere at some point next year.

Morgan – Ewan and I have probably felt every emotion imaginable through this process, but we are so ready to take on the job. It is our goal to make this year (and all the rest to come) one that every person in our community can enjoy. SMUS is our home and we want it to feel like that for everybody.


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