Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

Mark Turner

I am delighted to have this chance to reach out to you through my first official communication as Head of School. I am delighted to be joining you and humbled by the fact that the Board of Governors has placed such confidence in me and responsibility upon me.

From my earliest visits it was clear SMUS is a strongly bonded community with many passionate individuals who are committed to the best interests of the institution and the people it represents. I shall certainly be keen to protect the gains made by successive Heads of School whose efforts have combined to leave such a rich legacy.

I am aware that the school strives for excellence in all things and that this is not achieved easily. I am also struck by the fact that our mission is to provide outstanding preparation for higher learning and for life. This will involve a commitment to rigorous education, high expectations, diverse opportunities and nurturing support.

SMUS is already clearly a great school and I have the benefit of a recently completely CAIS accreditation report to justify that claim, but I also sense great opportunity. To start a school year with full enrolment and the opening of the magnificent Sun Centre, which will dramatically enhance the experience of all at the Richmond Road campus and provide great bonding opportunities for both boarders and day students, is just the beginning.

This year I look forward to rapidly climbing what is a ‘cliff face’ of a learning curve. I will be actively looking, listening and learning to identify the nuggets of opportunity for future development.

I am also looking forward to being part of an extensive community-wide process of consultation which will involve questionnaires, focus groups and discussion forums leading to the commission of an ambitious development plan that we aim to publish in January 2020.

There is an old saying: ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.’ While at SMUS I see it as both a responsibility and an honour to encourage all – whatever their aptitudes and abilities – to reach their full potential. The same goes for the institution as a whole. The way I see it, our combination of a strongly rooted local community and a diverse boarding population, together with a talented and deeply committed faculty, all within the urban setting of Victoria, gives us a cocktail of advantages that is unrivaled by any other school on the Island.

I look forward to journeying with you all as we build on the best of the past with ambitious plans for the future


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