2018 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Junior School staff, students and families celebrated the end of the school year by wishing the best for the Grade 5 students who will join the Middle School next year. Students also looked back on the past year and reflected on the many memorable moments.

At the Junior School Closing Ceremonies, Grade 5 students Avli and Everest wrote a prayer with Rev. Keven Fletcher that featured many of the things they are thankful for.

Junior School Closing Prayer

Dear God, we can describe our Junior School with one word – diverse.

When it comes to sports, we’re diverse. We kick, catch, spike, bump, hit, stroke and drag balls and birdies with feet, hands, sticks, and rackets.

When it comes to friends, their diverse personalities make them who they are. If we were all “just the same,” it would be less interesting and we wouldn’t learn as much.

When it comes to our teachers and staff, they’re equally diverse. The good thing is that we can find someone to connect with and see what they’re like.

When it comes to field trips, we get to experience everything from natural places like Goldstream and Kitty Islet to people places like the James Bay Care Home. We like going to James Bay to spend time with people far older than us. It makes us feel good and warm inside, helping elderly people have a good time singing songs and playing old fashion games like ‘Horse Race’… and we get cookies.

When it comes to the way we learn, we’re not told that there’s only one way to do it. Instead, we’re told that there are a lot of ways to do stuff. It’s not just, “Open up your math book to page 87.” Teachers tell us different stories about how to learn; we solve things as a group; we get to experiment, like with a ton of different equations. Even if we get it wrong, it’s okay. We’ll get there.

For all this diversity, we’re thankful… and we’re grateful for the people who make it happen, from Mr. Ewing, Ms. Squire, and Ms. Shewchuk to all the teachers. Without them, the school would be a mess and we wouldn’t learn what we need for the future.

We’re also thankful for our families, who make it possible for us to be here.

So, God, for all the diversity that makes our school what it is, you have our thanks.

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