2018-2019 School Prefects

Head Prefects Ewan and Morgan

At SMUS, Leadership is a process of engagement that moves people from understanding to action in an environment inspired by trust.

We believe that everyone can be a leader by being aware of one’s surroundings and situations and then choosing to act in ways that make each situation better. Every person has a role to play: to model the way, to encourage, to inspire and support others, and to improve our school and the world. In this way, we co-create an inclusive and vibrant community built upon our pillars of character: Honesty, Respect, Courage and Service.

We do have formal leadership roles each year at the Grade 12 level. The names that you see below have been elected to the Prefect Assembly or selected through application to be Link Leaders. Each of these roles have specific tasks, expectations and responsibilities. To succeed in these roles, these students will need our support throughout the year. Being a supportive follower, providing constructive feedback, and serving alongside these students, is a fantastic way to show your own leadership.

Thank you to every student who put their name forward for one of the select positions this year.

Please welcome next year’s Prefect Assembly and Link Leaders!

Prefect Assembly

Head GirlMorgan Warner
Head BoyEwan Halliday
Head of Barnacle HouseSpencer Dearborn
Head of Bolton HouseAntonio Zuo
Head of Harvey HouseJames Chen
Head of Symons HouseKarina Morales
Head of Timmis HouseTessa Rehill
Head of Winslow HouseNarjes Al Zahil
Barnacle House PrefectRashid Al Abri
Bolton House PrefectStanley Weng
Harvey House PrefectNathan Yang
Symons House PrefectMichelle Wong
Timmis House PrefectYacine Sy
Winslow House PrefectJulia Caffaro
Head of Academic CouncilMatthew Owen-Flood
Head of Academic CouncilAdrian Lee
Head of Arts CouncilJules Henry
Head of Arts CouncilJoel Kiggundu
Head of Athletics CouncilLucas Bosley
Head of Athletics CouncilKiri Ngawati
Head of Intercultural CouncilAlbert Wu
Head of Intercultural CouncilPreetinder Dhillon
Head of Outdoor CouncilMatthew Jaffey
Head of Outdoor CouncilLucas Galloway
Head of Service CouncilFionnuala Mckenna
Head of Service CouncilRadha Raina
School PrefectAnna Considine
School PrefectDiya Courty-Stephens
School PrefectClaire Feddema
School PrefectIsabella Leong
School PrefectOlly Parkinson
School PrefectGeorgia Haydock
School PrefectTianne Lee
School PrefectWill Barry
School PrefectConnor Chan
School PrefectMatthew Cormie
School PrefectGarry Gu
School PrefectTristan Kuhn
School PrefectJohn Sun
School PrefectMax Zhang

Link Leaders

Alex Menun
Deon Lam
Ewan Halliday
Garry Gu
Jerry Wong
Laurent Zheng
Lucas Bosley
Matthew Cormie
Matthew Jaffey
Matthew Owen-Flood
Max Zhang
Nathan Yang
Phillip Sing
Simon Erlic
Tuan anh Vu
Tung Pham
Ty Olynyk
Vincent Li
Will Barry
Wilson Ye
Cordel Tromp
Carly Smith
Cindy Li
Emma Coetze
Gigi Ma
Haley Sinclair
Hannah Yoon
Iris Zhou
Jordan Stonehouse
Liza Weymar
Lucy Zhu
Maggie Fekete
Margery Do
Megan Ho
Meredith Selwood
Naomi Tung
Nesha Colgate
Olivia Lupin
Olly Parkinson
Sofiya Akberdina
Tate Robinson
Yacine Sy
Zoe Lott
Zoe Wilson-Potter


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