Whodunit? Grade 10 Students Investigate

Two years ago, the Science department created an Experiential Education unit around forensics and forensic investigation.

In the first year, Mr. Bill Buckingham was ‘killed’. Last year, Mr. Steven Kerr was the unfortunate victim. Watch the video above to find out who met their untimely demise this year and what might have motivated the attacker.

The students in Science 10 created CSI agencies of four and decided their roles within the group. Each student in the group learned one set of specialized skills that included fingerprinting, blood typing, DNA analysis, chromatography, testing of powders, flame testing, solubility comparisons, track analysis, ballistics, knife analysis, hair/fur analysis and fibre testing. They then created a protocol for entering the crime scene. At the crime scene they learned to carefully tag and itemize evidence and then analyze their samples using the skills they have learned. The next phase of the unit involves them seeking further clues among the possible suspects we have created (Senior School faculty) to come up with the motive and story behind the crime. A final presentation is completed by each group at the end of the unit.

This year, the realism was increased by a collaboration with Senior School art teacher, Mr. Chris Bateman. He cast a life-like mold of the victim’s face that was a part of a body at the crime scene. In addition, we hope to collaborate with Mr. David Lynch’s law students to have some representative CSI groups present their evidence in a simulated court that will enable the community to be spectators at a preliminary hearing.

The unit is a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved and it allows students to acquire and practice some of the core competencies that are part of the new BC curriculum.


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