From Windmills to Lying: Science Fair Explains It All

by Ms. Julie Harris, Middle School Program Specialist

All Grade 6 and some Grade 7 and 8 students presented their learning and findings at the Middle School Science Fair before spring break. Students worked in pairs or individually, using the Scientific Method to investigate questions or to design an innovation. They deepened their understanding of the subject matter, the experimentation process and the challenges of managing an independent project.

Many thanks to the volunteer judges who gave their time and constructive feedback – Middle and Senior school faculty and University of Victoria science students. Also, thank you to parents for being an audience and celebrating the success of the students. Mrs. Donatelli, Ms. Rees, Mr. DeMerchant and myself are all very proud of the students efforts and the reflections they had about their learning. We wish the students advancing to the regional Science Fair at the University of Victoria in April the very best of luck.

Student Reflections

The most interesting thing was that it’s not an experiment if you know what the outcome is. If you know what’s going to happen then what’s the point? Then you aren’t pushing or challenging yourself to succeed. I also realized that you learn as much from failing as you do from succeeding, or maybe even more from failing. – Kian C.

The most important thing that I will remember is to always manage your time wisely and to not get distracted while working on your project because your time is limited. Not only do you not always have the time to work on your project, but when you do have time, you may not have the materials with you in order to work on your project. Which brings up another thing to remember: always be prepared by bringing your materials to class for Science Fair. – Jenna R.

I felt really good about my board and the cart. I felt good because I worked really hard on them. I liked how the board looked and how the cart worked. I also liked my conclusion. I think that it was all about my innovation. – Abby M.

One thing that went well was our attitude toward each other because even though sometimes we got frustrated at each other, in the end we worked it out. Also, another area that went well was our collaboration because we both did around the same amount of work and one of us wasn’t slacking off. Ivanna W.

The three things that really went well for me was experimenting, the backboard and the presentation. I had lots of fun trying different solutions and watching the spoons become shiny once again. Watching little bubbles of hydrogen sulfide and smelling its disgusting odour was fun, too. The backboard went really well because it was the perfect size to fit all of my information and it looked really attractive and interesting. The presentation part also went really well because lots of people came to my board and they looked fascinated. They asked me many questions, and I was able to give them a detailed explanation of my project. Many took my recipe home to try on their silverware. Bianca Z.

The most important thing that I will remember from participating in the Science Fair is that collaborating makes doing big projects like this a lot easier for me. Knowing what I know about myself, I think it will become easier for me to get projects done like this in my life, not just in school. Allie B.

I thought it was interesting how wind turbines and windmills worked. I liked how we got to design something but also learn about how turbines worked. I also thought it was important to make our models work well. Ava N.

Something I learned when doing Science Fair is how to effectively tell when someone is lying. I will probably remember how to do it when I am older because it is something I will use in everyday life. Like when my best friend tells me she is allergic to air, I will know when she is telling the truth. I think that doing a project on lying has impacted my life greatly. Sierra J.

The most interesting thing I learned was that adults lie more than children do. I thought that kids would lie more to hide secrets from other people. Mia M.

I think that the most important thing I will remember from the Science Fair is that sometimes it is not about how successful your experiment is, but it is about how thoughtful your experiment is. I also think that it is important to note that you shouldn’t get distracted by other experiments. Michael T.

I learned that nothing will go as you planned and that waiting until the last minute to do a board or a report or anything is not going to make your things special or unique. Yudi Z.

See more photos from the Middle School Science Fair on the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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