Reflecting on a Great Grade 8 Leadership Conference

On January 26, SMUS played host to the Fully Charged Leadership Conference. The event is aimed at offering Grade 8 students a chance to learn more about their own leadership skills. What’s even more special about this event is that it’s also organized entirely by Grade 8 students.

A group of our own Middle School students spent months working to plan, organize and execute this amazing leadership conference for their classmates and students their own age from many other schools.

We are very proud of the efforts of all the Grade 8 students who helped make the event a success!

Student Reflection

by Sophia H., Grade 8

I signed up to help plan the Fully Charged Conference because I was looking to take a larger leadership role and thought that it would be a great opportunity to gain experience in this area. I wanted to help create a great event and watch it unfold.

Planning this event took a lot of hours and effort but was well worth it. We started off as a group just brainstorming ideas, possible themes and possible outlooks of the conference. Once we had our main ideas, we narrowed the planning process and assigned each other jobs and roles.

It took us a bit of time to come up with the theme. Eventually the theme we chose was: The Reality of Growing Up in a Digital Age. We then branched off into smaller groups to finalize and narrow down our thoughts. Overall, each part of the logo, slogan and name was all decided on as a group.

Some of the topics that the Grade 8 leadership conference focused on included digital citizenship, careers in technology, fake news and social media with a purpose.

The overall experience of this conference and the hard work of planning it was amazing. Without a doubt I would do it again if I could. I think it was a perfect opportunity to work as a group and collaborate, as well as find your own personal strengths in leadership. Being part of the organizing group gave me an idea of how much work and time is put into planning an event, and I think it would be valuable for everyone to know how much effort it takes to have an idea and then see it through as a large group or individually. It was a really good test of maturity and reliability.

The conference itself was very fun and you could tell it had been extremely well planned out and thought through. It ran smoothly, however some aspects of it could have been better, and this just showed me that with any large event there will be obstacles and difficult parts, but it is important you know how to manoeuvre through these things and problem solve.

For me a huge highlight was being an emcee of the event. It gave me an amazing opportunity to practice my public speaking skills and it was such a great experience for me. I learned even more that I enjoy speaking in front of crowds!

As well I thought that Head Girl Aysha Emmerson’s keynote address was really well done and super powerful. I loved how she incorporated themes from our daily life on tech into her presentation. Another large highlight was just working with everyone to plan this exciting day and getting to know my peers better by working with them. I got to see different sides of people that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. A lot of my peers showed such great initiative in this group and realized it was most likely for the same reason as myself: we were all passionate about this and making the event great.

I think that all of us really wanted to be there and work together, and that really reflected positively in the outcome of the conference. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful I was a part of it!

Check out more photos from the Grade 8 Leadership Conference on the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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