Grade 2 Students Give Back With Souper Bowls

Late last year our Grade 2 students made and sold gingerbread cookies. The project is part academic (learning about math by measuring ingredients and counting money) and part service (raising money to support local charities).

With some of the money the students raised, the Grade 2 classes chose to support the upcoming Souper Bowls of Hope event that supports the Youth Empowerment Society and vulnerable youth in Victoria. For those who don’t know about Souper Bowls of Hope, it’s an annual event hosted downtown where attendees get to enjoy delicious soup in a handcrafted or hand-painted bowl – and then they get to take the bowl home!

Last week, each Grade 2 student bought a bowl and visited Fired Up! to paint their one-of-a-kind dish, which will be donated and used at the event.

Below, our Grade 2 students reflect on the service project and their contribution to Souper Bowls of Hope.

Student Reflections

You might think that Souper Bowls of Hope is a football game where all of the teams are trying to get to the Super Bowl. But you can tell the difference because souper has “ou” and super had a “u”. If you would like to get a bowl and lunch with soup, it’s only $50. Amelia

On our trip to Fired Up! we painted bowls for the Souper Bowls. Mine had dots on it. I did bubbling and it was really fun because we had a little cup. They put soap in the little cup with some colour. You blow into a straw and the bubbles come out. Then we let it dry. – Dishanna

The bowl is from Fired Up! In Fired Up! there are lots of paints and decorations. I painted a rainbow on my bowl with the colours purple, blue and green, with bubbling on the outside. I did a glaze colour with dark blue dots. When I did the bubbling it was a little hard because you had to blow hard and my heart was beating really fast. – Lisa

I was really happy how my bowl came out. I liked the bubbling and I did the colour green. Also the stenciling was pretty amazing. I did grass and a key that was laying on it. – Jack

My favourite part of Souper Bowls of Hope was painting the bowls. It was hard painting the bowl and walking to the store. I did two stencils. I hope my Mom buys my bowl at the event. – Jonah

I think painting my bowl was very fun. My bowl had a bird that was dark blue. My outside was purple and my inside was yellow, blue and a dark blue. The tricky part was the stenciling. My mom is going to Souper Bowls to get my bowl. – Michaela

The tricky thing for my bowl was painting on a round surface and bubbling because you have to blow really, really hard. In the end it turned out really pretty. – Audra

I like my bowl because the inside of it looks like rocks. On the outside I swished it and on the bottom I mixed three colours. – Owen

The Souper Bowls of Hope event donates to a charity called Youth Empowerment Society. Our class made bowls for Souper Bowls of Hope. It was fun. It was kind of hard, too. – Jasper

It was very fun painting for Souper Bowls of Hope but at the same time it was hard. When our class got to Fired Up! I was thinking “Wow, that was not what I expected!” I did bubbling and at first I was scared because I thought I would swallow the paint! – Manav

I thought that the bubbling was fun. I also think that the painting was pretty cool. – Mateo

This is my first time painting a Souper Bowl! At first it was hard painting on the edges of the bowl because I’ve never painted a bowl before. I like my bowl because of the bubbles. – Brandon

At Fired Up! I painted a bowl that had bubbling inside it. Bubbling is when you take a cup and a straw and add dish soap and water. You then blow with the straw into the bowl. On the outside my bowl was a purple-pink colour. – Stephanie

I like my bowl because it is pretty. I also worked on it a lot. It was very hard. – Addie

The Souper Bowls are for charity. Since we had extra money from the gingerbread sale we decide to help Souper Bowls. When we were painting the bowls it was a bit of hard work and fun! – Baani

I think ‘Souper Bowls’ is important because it helps give money to charity. The adults get to pick a bowl and get soup. – Hamish

My favourite part of Souper Bowls was painting the bowls at Fired Up! I liked doing the bubbling. I painted my bowl red on the outside and orange and blue in the inside, then purple on the bottom. We had lots of fun and we helped the Youth Empowerment Society. – Sydney

Souper Bowls is important because we need to give some stuff to the kids that need some more things so they can be happy! – Clara

Souper Bowls is important because every person pays to make bowls and to get the bowls. That money goes to the Youth Empowerment Society and helps the youth have a home. – Katherine

My favourite part of making the bowl was painting the bowl. It was awesome and I had lots of fun. – Maho

I think that Souper Bowls helps the community. Everybody in the Youth Empowerment Society is 13-18 years old. I was helping them by making the bowl and painting. Painting the bowls was fun! – Olivia

I think Souper Bowls is important because they can raise money. – Alex

It was fun going to Fired Up! because I got to paint and see the other bowls. The fun thing was bubbling. I liked it so much! – Evan

I was very happy that I was involved in Souper Bowls. It’s something very important in life – giving and sharing by giving coins. – Anya

Souper Bowls is important because it helps teenagers to get more money. – John

Souper Bowls is important because it gives money to the homeless. And the police officers and firemen come to eat soup and bring a bowl home. – Matthew

Souper Bowls is important because all the money that we raise goes to the Youth Empowerment Society. The whole class painted bowls at Fired Up! so that other people can eat soup in these bowls. I feel happy because Olivia and I designed rainbow Souper Bowls. When I designed my bowl, it was blue and rainbow. – Farrah

I like painting so I really enjoyed going to Fired Up! This helps so the homeless teenagers can get money to get supplies for themselves. – Charlie

I think my Souper Bowl will help people because they will be interested in our bowls. They will pick one and eat out of it. They will keep the bowl and put it on a shelf in their house. When they want to use it, they will take it out and use it. – Sakura


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