Summer Plans: Looking to the Future

Alison McCallum

My last post was about selecting courses for the next academic year, and this one is about how students might spend some of their summer holidays. It may seem like I rarely live in the present moment, but there are just so many great opportunities out there on the horizon, and that is a particularly delightful thought in the middle of winter in Victoria.

Please check out this document (also displayed below) to explore some of the many summer programs that are on offer for high school students. Some take place right around the corner, others are in locations around the world. Most of them have come across our desks from universities, colleges or educational organizations. Some have a rigorous application process and a tight timeline, but others will allow applications right up until the program starts. We will continue to update the document as new information comes our way.

If you know of a program that isn’t on this list and you think should be on our list, please send it my way.


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