Facilities Upgrades Revitalize School Spaces

Junior School revitalized learning environment

Our Buildings and Grounds staff were busy over the winter break renovating various areas of the school.

Middle School students were excited to see their upgraded French classroom for the first time. The class now has a feature wall, along with plants and storage baskets placed around the room which all contribute to a more homey feel.

The corridor beneath Brown Hall received a face-lift with upgraded LED energy efficient lighting, new floors and a coat of paint. A wood wall feature was also added to one of the Chemistry labs in the Science Block at the Senior School.

These upgrades are all made possible through the Facilities and Technology Committee of the Board of Governors and financed by donations to The annual Dream Big fund.

The Grade 4N classroom enhancements in the Junior School have perhaps garnered the most excitement of all the upgrades. While the classroom itself saw a renewal this past summer, over the winter break new furniture was installed in the classroom.

“Students are taking greater ownership over their learning environment as they have been invited to continually redesign the classroom depending on their needs,” says teacher Ms. Nicky Newsome.

She adds, “It was important to choose furniture that reflected the shift to a more personalized learning approach at the Junior School. The students and I agreed that we need more mobile, flexible furniture. My hope is that this space will allow for a more natural and fluid learning environment that meets the needs of all learners.”

The new furniture has revitalized the space and invigorated those who spend time in it. Below, you’ll find comments from the Grade 4 students about the new additions.

Grade 4 Student Reflections:

We were so excited we had to look through the classroom window because all the new furniture was here! My favourite is the chairs because two chairs spin and go up and down, and one chair rolls around.

I like our new furniture because they look more modern and they can do different things, like the desks with wheels because they move around easily and you don’t have to pick them up so much.

The flip-up desk and white boardFinlay
I think our new space looks cleaner than it used to. My favourite part is the whiteboard table because you can just write straight onto the table.

The classroom is more colourful and homey.

I really like the new setup because it feels like you have a lot more room in the classroom. I like the chairs because they have a lot more movement to them and I love the colours – they’re so vibrant. The flip-up table is good because it can be a table for working and a whiteboard table to write on while standing.

I think the flip-up whiteboard is awesome because you can use it in two ways. The classroom feels more modern now and it feels brighter.

I like the chairs because of the way they are curved so that it keeps your back straight and you can sit on them backwards!

I love our new desks and I hope the future Grade 4s will like it too!

The desks are so cool. They have nice wood, shiny, smooth and they even have a pencil slot!

Another cool thing about the desks is that when you flip the latches on the wheels they can move around like wheelbarrows.

Standing desksAnderson
When I am learning I like to move. With the new chairs, you can rock back and forth and move as much you need to. Also, the chairs are my favorite colours – dark blue, light blue and light green. Don’t forget the gray table; it is a cool funky shape… I love it!

Our desks have wheels so it’s very easy to move them around whenever we need to, for example in drama when we need to move the desks to the side of the room.

I was shocked when I saw the classroom, it looked so much nicer! I really like the desks. They are so smooth and they are such a unique shape!

My new classroom feels more modern and I personally love modern because it looks clean, designed and Scandinavian.

I love how the classroom looks so much brighter!

I like the new desks because they have pencil slots so if your pencil moves the pencil slots make your pencil roll in. The desks are way bigger so we can fit more things on them.


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