SMUSTube Celebrates Anniversary With Milestones

10 Years of SMUStube
Milestones reached in 2017

SMUSTube, our YouTube channel, was set up in 2007. Those early days featured low quality videos that took an eternity to load and stalled and froze at times after they began playing. It was common to spend more than twice the length of a video to get to the end.

YouTube’s reliability has improved dramatically and, although it’s not available in all countries, has expanded to the point where it has become an important platform for engaging viewers on a global scale.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of SMUSTube last year and reached a number of milestones – which you will see in the image above.

Can you guess which videos are historically the most popular on SMUSTube? Scroll down to watch them!

The 6 Most Popular Videos on SMUSTube

(as of January 12, 2018)







Visit SMUSTube to see all our videos.


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