Head’s Up: An Interview with Mark Turner

Having hosted interviews with fellow students last year, Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva aspired to host a regular talk show. However, her full involvement in other aspects of student life didn’t allow time to do that this year. When it was suggested she host a one-off interview with Head of School designate Mark Turner she jumped at the opportunity.

“I’ve never done an interview like this before,” Samina says. “I was super nervous. English is my third language and I was afraid to make a mistake but Mr. Turner helped put me at ease because he is so warm and easy to talk to. I was more nervous about being filmed but I also wanted to energize at the same time.”

Behind the scenes, Hieu Nguyen and Ivan Wang were setting the stage for the interview. With a late change of location, there were a few moments where cameras and lighting were being frantically adjusted as the host and guest were settling into their seats.

The energy in the room was so palpable that when the interview ended, we were ready to cheer and do high fives.

It was tremendous to see how well Samina, Hieu and Ivan presented themselves to Mr. Turner and how they handled the tension by focusing, working together and using their excitable energy to successful produce a video that documents a part of the School’s history.

Samina says, “It was an honour to meet Mr. Turner and interesting to hear how he got to where he is today. The sad thing is that we will have graduated and won’t be here next year when he begins his term as Head of School.”


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