Grade 7 Students Display Their Work at the Royal BC Museum

Grade 7 Species Exhibits

Grade 7 science students recently prepared an exhibit about the evolutionary history of a species of their choice. Their exhibits were displayed throughout the Royal BC Museum where students talked about their chosen species to museum visitors.

Below are excerpts from students about their experience:

Evelyn L.
For our project we had to choose an animal species to do our research on. Using that information, we had to decide on how to show it in an interesting way. Many of us chose to show it on a poster while others decided to make a model.

Harrison H.
On December 12, we went to the museum to present our projects about a species. It was fun interacting with people.

Daniel B.
The experience of having people come to talk to us about our exhibit made me feel a sense of accomplishment because I felt like people were genuinely interested to learn about our projects and it was very fun to present.

Alyssa C.
The experience felt really good. One of my favourite parts of speaking was when one of the museum staff and naturalists came up to me. This was fun because she told me she had heard about it but didn’t know a lot about my species. I was surprised because you would expect them to know everything! She stood and read my whole project board. This made me feel so proud and appreciated!

Samantha Y.
This experience was really eye-opening for me. Everyone I presented to wanted something different. One person ended up talking to me about how he used to teach 7th grade. I got to meet so many new people.

Eva C.
At first it was very awkward and uncomfortable but after a while I got used to it and it was really fun.

Rowan W.
Going to the museum was such an amazing experience. One person that I spoke to was French and she didn’t speak much English. That was quite interesting!

Charlotte L.
It was awesome! Getting to teach everybody about what I had researched was really cool. My favourite part was presenting to people. Many people were eager to learn about my exhibit.

Hadi B.
It was great how many people had opinions of my work. They didn’t feel like strangers, but people I knew well. I really felt like I taught someone something – not just the people but myself.

Aliénor D.
Having to talk to strangers is nerve-racking but after a while you get the hang of it and end up having a lot of fun. I am happy that I had the opportunity to share my research with the public. I thought it was a great learning experience for both me and the visitors.

Daniel B.
The experience made me feel really confident and ready for more presentations and challenges.

Lucy O.
Teaching friends, family and strangers who were genuinely interested in my exhibit made me feel like I contributed to their learning. And being like a teacher was really unique and made me feel good.

Ava O.
I loved having little kids ask questions and knowing that they enjoyed listening to my presentation about seals.

Makena A.
Seeing the different reactions on people’s faces while I was presenting was cool.

Jamie B.
I really liked presenting but I was a little scared at first. At the end I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end!

Grace Y.
It was really interesting to hear people’s facts or stories about my species and sometimes it turned my brain in another direction of thinking. It was really cool to hear people say “I didn’t know that.” 

Avery M.
My favourite part was having conversations with people who were curious about my species.

Lauren F.
Something that was challenging was making the model look realistic with the colours, shapes and sizes.

Bella L.
I was always scared the people wouldn’t like my presentation but I think it went well. One time, a lady came and accidentally broke my model and I had to do a quick fix. I think it was a very awesome experience.


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