“I’m Looking Forward to Being a Lifer”

Each year, our Grade 12 Lifers make a number of visits to the Junior School. A couple of weeks ago they attended assembly and shared their favourite memories from their time at the Junior School. Kindergarten students then presented them with a large, red SMUS Kindergarten polo shirt.

Below, two of our young students reflect on the visit from the Grade 12 Lifers. 

by Sophie, Grade 4

At the Lifers Assembly, some Grade 12 students who had been here since Kindergarten or Grade 1 shared their fondest memories of being at the Junior School. I really liked it because all of the students had something neat to share. 

One of my favourite stories was when one boy shared a story about when he was in Grade 1 or 2 and the fad then was hockey cards. He had only a few cards, but when he pooled his cards with his friend’s they had a good sized collection. 

They wanted some more, so they had an idea to set up the cards against the wall of the school and if anyone wanted the cards, they would have to stand really far back and shoot a card to knock down all the cards against the wall. If they missed, the two boys would get all of that person’s cards, but if they knocked the cards down, the boys would lose their cards to that person. The plan was risky, but they did it.

An older student walked up to them and said, “Can I try?” The boys said yes, and the other student knocked down the stack of cards. The two boys started crying and the older student said to them, “It’s okay. You can keep the cards. I have lots at home.” The boys said, “Thank you very much!”

I’m looking forward to being a Lifer and telling my stories to everyone.

by Levi, Grade 2

On November 17, the Lifers came to the Junior School. It was really fun seeing the Kindergarten classes give them the red shirts – like I did in Kindergarten. The Lifers had to share their memories they had from their time at the Junior School. One of the girls told us about the time they were playing California kickball. Someone kicked the ball so high it broke one of the ceiling lights. I really enjoyed how funny that memory was!

The Lifer Assembly is important because they are super old now and it’s fun to see what they looked like, at our age, in the photographs.


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