Remembrance Day: A Prayer for Humanity

On Wednesday, our Junior School held its annual Remembrance Day Service. The stories, songs, poetry and prayers shared by our Grade 5 students brought to life the struggles of war and showed how its impacts reach far beyond the battlefield.

Owen and Derishti told the story of Sadako, who was a baby when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and who consequently contracted leukemia and died at the age of 12. Avery and Will recited the poem “Why Wear a Poppy”, which recalled a mother’s story of a young man who didn’t return from war. Kate and James spoke about Michael Symons, a former St. Michael’s School student who died during the Second World War.

The stories were taken to heart by the students because they could identify with the young subjects who were all of a similar age when they were impacted by war.

“A Prayer for Humanity” honours those who died by looking at ways to make a positive difference in our current world.

A Prayer for Humanity

Written by Ken Keyes Jr. (1920-1995)
Read by Will and Chelsea

I pray that we learn to love more and demand less – so that our love for one another will be our ever-present reality and consciousness.

I pray that we experience our common humanity and that we understand that all of us are more alike than different.

I pray that I realize that my life won’t work well unless your life works well and that our lives on this planet are deeply intertwined.

I pray that we learn that we have one world – and that we no longer separate ourselves in the name of national boundary lines.

I pray that we learn to disagree without throwing each other out of our hearts – and not keep ourselves upset over our differences.

I pray that we learn to forgive, for our own sake – for a heart hardened with hatred is too heavy to carry.

I pray that we settle arguments in nonviolent ways – that we learn to listen to one another and truly hear, so that all arms become obsolete.

I pray that we act less impulsively – so that love and wisdom may guide our actions.

I pray that we learn to experience the beauty in ourselves and each other – and that we feel deep appreciation for the good things we have.

I pray that we hear the message that God is love – so that we no longer separate ourselves in the name of religion.

I pray that we open our hearts and learn to live together on this globe – so that we find our great birthright of a loving life.


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