Grade 6s Head to Camp Thunderbird for Outdoor Education Trip

Outdoor education is an important part of a SMUS education. Taking students outside of the classroom and into a new environment gives them the chance to learn and develop skills like leadership, communication and team-building.

It’s also the perfect way for students to get to know each other better at the start of the school year!

Last weekend our Grade 6 students spent time at Camp Thunderbird in Sooke for their 3-day outdoor education trip. Here’s what a couple of the students had to say about the experience:

It was a crisp Saturday morning and we were on our way to Camp Thunderbird. At the camp we played all sorts of games such as camouflage and everybody’s it tag. On the first day, my group played some games and went canoeing, which was really fun, as we all got to jump in the lake afterwards. On the second day we got to do a nature hike where we got to do more games at the destination, a little bit of archery and a game called gaga ball. Finally, on the last day, my group did low ropes and team building and we played more gaga ball. Every night before bed we had a sort of sing along for a few hours. Overall, I thought that the camp was really great and the experience helped me develop the skill of collaboration. All of the counselors were great and we all found it hard to say goodbye. Now I can’t wait to go back there again next year! – by Michael T.

On the weekend all of the Grade 6s went to Camp Thunderbird in Sooke. It was a great experience for all of us and a good way for us to get to know our classmates better. It was especially great for me because I am new to SMUS. When we got there we met our activity group leader and our cabin group leader. The leaders were all so nice and so much fun. We went on a tour of the camp and it was huge but it was easy to find your way around. We did all sorts of fun stuff like canoeing, rock climbing, archery, gaga ball and more. Each cabin had 6 bunk beds so 12 beds in total which meant a lot of people could stay in one cabin. Overall I think the trip was a great experience and I am glad I went! – by Damon B.

Check out more photos from the Grade 6 outdoor education trip on the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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