New Spaces at SMUS

Students and teachers returned to St. Michaels University School this week to find some big changes had occurred over the summer.

The Junior School saw the biggest transformation with the renovation of the front foyer, new floors throughout the hallways, a redesigned art studio, some upgraded classrooms and the completion and furnishing of the flexible Imagination Lab space.

“The response from students, parents and teachers this week has been so positive. There’s such a wonderful atmosphere around the school and around the potential for the new space,” says Ms. Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School. “The upgrades are more than just new paint and floors. Every change was made intentionally in a way that makes it a better learning environment for our students.”

The Middle School also underwent a major retrofit, receiving new flooring and paint in common areas. New non-fluorescent lighting and new furniture for the foyer are on their way and will help make the school feel like a new space!

One of the science labs at the Senior School received upgrades, becoming a flexible learning environment. Major work is just finishing up in the large gym, as a brand new floor is being installed. And new kitchens were built in the common rooms of two of our boarding houses to allow students more flexibility around meals and new opportunities to hone their cooking skills.

The renovations and upgrades are thanks to financial support through the annual Dream Big fund with enthusiastic backing from the SMUS Board of Governors and school leaders.

“We want more than anything to create spaces that inspire kids,” says Ms. Shara Campsall, Director of Annual Fund and Major Gifts. “We have big plans to reimagine space on our campus. This is just the beginning of what’s possible.”

We are very excited to see how students, parents, teachers and the rest of our community takes advantage of these spaces this year!


  1. It is so inspiring to support student learning at the Junior School in these new intentionally designed spaces! Sincere gratitude to the donors and the school for funding and resources and Becky Anderson for putting these plans into action for a new school year. As educators, we are incredibly fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community!


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