Recapping the Grade 12 Parent Information Evening

Alison McCallum

We hosted our annual Grade 12 Student and Parent Information Evening on Thursday, September 7 to help students and parents prepare for the year ahead and post-secondary planning. If you were not able to come or if you want to view the slides, you can download them here.

While we know that the evening was chock-full of really useful information, here are some of the important highlights my UC colleagues shared:

Timio Colistro walked the audience through the ins and outs of the money matters and encouraged students to have the conversation with their financial supporters to find out in advance what will constitute “financial fit”. This information really can help guide students when exploring the myriad of post-secondary options that they might be exploring. Ms. Knight sends out frequent and informative emails to students regarding scholarship opportunities.

We see more than 90% of our graduating class applying to at least one Canadian university and, combined, students apply to about 40 different institutions in Canada each year. For Canadian university applications, it’s important to note that the process varies from university to university. Students take the lead on the process and we support them with reminders, individual appointments and classroom work in GTP.

Applying to institutions around the world is a very different story. There are often many different processes (and timelines) for each of these applications. It is essential that Grade 12 students take personal responsibility for each of their applications and ask for the help they need. We are happy and able to support a student applying to any institution.

All parents will soon receive an email from Naviance Family Connection, and all students already have an account set up. This is our online database and information hub for post-secondary applications and grad transition planning work. Naviance is a fantastic resource for students and parents alike who want to explore post-secondary options, including college, university, and career information. Students log in to the SMUS Naviance Family Connection site using their credentials.

We’re also making available the following print resources, all of which can be downloaded here:

  • Grade 12 Timeline by month
  • A sampling of tuition fees in Canada, USA, and UK
  • Summary of US application process
  • Summary of UK application process

As always, please contact your child’s University Counsellor if you would like to set up a meeting or have any questions answered:

Timio Colistro –
Ruth McGhee –
Kate Knight –
Alison McCallum –


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