Grade 8 Students Create ‘Les Caravanes Gastronomiques’

At lunchtime one day last week, our Grade 8 students opened for business their own “caravanes gastronomiques” a.k.a. food trucks! This year, the Grade 8 French and math teachers came together to create a fun project involving both subject areas.

Student groups chose a theme, created a logo, set a small menu and then sold a signature food item to the SMUS community. Each group was also responsible for French-language advertising of their food truck. All language-related activities were done in French including the interactions with customers! And in math class, students spent time budgeting for costs, setting prices, considering best prices for purchasing supplies and how to maximize profits.

The food truck festival raised $1,820 for alum Simon Ibell’s iBellieve Foundation, on of the biggest single-event fundraisers for the Middle School in the last five years.

Student Reflections

by McKenna W.
I cannot find words for this amazing year-end project completed by the Grade 8s this year. All of us were so excited right from the very start and the day it was introduced to us ideas were bouncing from student to student.

The thing that made it so easy right off the bat was how well organized it was by the teachers. They had everything from the itinerary, date and location set in stone so everything else was left for us to decide. It was a very flexible project, leaving the planning all open for discussion among our groups.

On day one the project was introduced to us in our French classes, and groups were proposed based on similar menu interests. Ideas changed throughout the course of the research portion but after about a week we all had solid ideas.

Preparation was the least stressful component within the project as a whole, mostly because we had a lot of class time to work together in our groups.

There was such a variety among the dishes prepared and none of us had to worry too much about having close competition! Cultural dishes were a definite hot spot, but baked goods and desserts were, too, and ice-cold refreshments were a delicious treat!

I think that the food truck project will go down as the highlight of our Grade 8 year!

by Divyesh N.
The food truck project was an amazing experience that heightened our French skills and gave us a taste of life as a business person. The stages leading up to the big day really deepened our understanding of new French vocabulary and culture as we engaged in a variety of different activities.

After we were separated in different groups, we were each challenged to create a product that was either a flyer, commercial, write-up on a specific dish or menu. This variety was excellent because enabled us to pursue a more personalized path of learning. After our assignments were completed the food truck day loomed ahead of us.

The actual day was a lot of fun, but was very hard work, too. By the end of it, I was tired and ready to take a break! Our group made Indian curry and we also had samosas. These two products were a big hit among adults. During our busy times, we had swarms of people wanting to purchase our food. Thankfully our turnover was fast so we were quite efficient in providing food for our hungry customers.

Despite our best efforts at estimation, we eventually ran out food towards the end of the event. That meant it was time to pack up and clean the field.

My favourite part of the food truck project was actually serving food because it was an extremely engaging and interactive experience. Something that I found challenging about the project was coordinating different tasks as a group because it was hard to communicate with each other outside of school.

Overall, the food truck project was a very unique and captivating project that really added to my learning, and I hope that I get to do something like it in the future.

by Jasper D.

For the food truck project, the Grade 8 students used French and math skills acquired over the year to make and sell a dish for the school community. On June 6, around 20 decorated food trucks were set up on the SMUS campus serving homemade food to students, guests, and staff.

The food served varied from truck to truck. My group and I decided to make gelato because it was simple, yet very delicious. The dishes ranged in price from $1-4 and the money we all raised went towards the iBellieve Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure for MPS II.

The project tied into many of my classes, but mostly French and math. We learned how to order food in French, which is a very important skill that we will definitely benefit from in the future. The math skills we learned over the past year made it much easier to manage our budget and solve problems we encountered along the way.

My favourite part of the food truck project was working the day of the sale. It was so rewarding to see that our hard work was appreciated by our satisfied customers and the money we raised was going towards a good cause.

Overall, it was a great educational experience. Not only did we learn how to take orders in French and use our math skills we had been learning throughout the year, but we also learned how to make homemade gelato!


  1. J’ai prétendu ne pas savoir parler l’anglais et chaque élève a surmonté sa timidité pour me renseigner ou répondre à mes questions en français! Bravo les amis! Quelle idée formidable, attrayante et bien organisée!


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