2017 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Junior School staff and families celebrated the end of the year on Thursday by wishing the best for the Grade 5 students who will join the Middle School next year. Students also looked back on the past year and reflected on the many memorable moments.

At the Junior School Closing Ceremonies, Grade 5 students Sierra and Saba wrote a prayer with Rev. Keven Fletcher that featured many of the things they are grateful for.

Junior School Closing Prayer

Sierra and Saba

by Sierra, Saba and Rev. Keven Fletcher

Sierra: Dear God, when we get up in the morning and think about going to school, we look forward to seeing our teachers, greeting our friends and learning something new.

Saba: We’re thankful for our teachers, who show us what to do: like when we’re behind, they’re happy to help us figure it out. They could go, “ahhh, he needs help again…” but instead they’re so kind and supportive. No matter what the problem, our teachers help us learn.

Sierra: Our classmates are also open and helpful, helping us move forward when we’re stuck. They don’t judge you. They’re awesome. They take care of the school and they’re polite to the teachers. We’re getting better at cleaning up garbage and helping with the litter. There are so many friendly kids here.

Saba: We like to learn. The two of us especially like math. It’s fun and it isn’t just a sheet of paper that you put answers on. Math is about translating shapes and figuring out problems in a fun way. That’s when school is at it’s best.

Sierra: Finally, we give thanks that this all happens in a safe place, where there is no war. Instead, there’s lots of nature around us – fields and trees and hedges. The beach is a short walk away. We’re grateful for the space we live in.

Saba: So, God, for our teachers, for our classmates, for lessons learned, and for our parents who get us to the school each day, we give our thanks, Amen.

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(photos by Kent Leahy-Trill)

Year-end Video


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