Grade 10 Students Depart for Experiential Learning Pursuits

Last year we debuted our Grade 10 Experiential Program. It was designed so students who are about to explore their post-secondary options would have a unique school experience that weaves hands-on learning into their school schedule.

The year-long program culminates in “The Pursuit”, a week-long trip that sees students travel throughout B.C. and Washington State to participate in a fun learning experience that sparks their curiosity.

Through this week, Grade 10 students are out on these pursuits. Among the experiences they’re having are:

  • visiting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle to learn about operating an NGO;
  • creating a rock band and learning about the music industry;
  • handcrafting a bow and arrows in Powell River;
  • learning how to create a coffee business – from buying and roasting the beans, to taking a barista course;
  • kayaking through the Broughton Archipelago while visiting First Nations sites.

Learn more about the Grade 10 pursuits in the video above. It features the students who last year visited the Flying U Ranch in the B.C. Cariboo region for equine-assisted learning.


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