Dream Big Stories: Mr. Duncan Frater

Duncan Frater

Tuesday night’s Choral Concert, featuring Grade 4-8 students, will be unlike any SMUS choir performance you’ve seen. The large, lone grand piano that typically accompanies our young singers will be replaced by a five-piece funk band, along with smoke machines and lasers!

And instead of music from Mozart and Strauss, it’s all pop music: Madonna, Radiohead, Kenny Rogers, Coldplay and more!

This unique show is the brainchild of Mr. Duncan Frater, choir teacher at the Junior and Middle Schools. He’s invited 2013 grad Lindon Carter and his band, Carter & the Capitals, to work with our students and perform with them Tuesday night at Farquhar Auditorium.

“In the past we’ve always done pop music in class for fun, but we haven’t really performed much of it because it doesn’t sound good with just piano,” Duncan says. “I’ve worked with Lindon many times before, right down to when he was at the Junior and Middle School. We thought bringing in him and his band would be a great opportunity to make it work as a concert.”

This collaboration is make possible by gifts through the Dream Big annual fund.

“Duncan came to me with this great idea to bring in an alum to work with students and to have them perform with a professional band. This is what the Dream Big fund is all about: helping educators make passion projects possible,” says Ms. Shara Campsall, Director of Annual Fund. “The fund helps give students opportunities above and beyond our already exceptional programs. We’re fortunate to have so many families in our community who support music and helped make this happen.”

Over the last decade at SMUS, Duncan has seen how the Dream Big fund makes a difference. As director of the biennial Junior School opera and Middle School musical, the annual fund has helped rent and purchase technology, costumes, props and sets that make the students’ shows at the Royal Theatre that much better.

“As a teacher, the annual fund makes my job easier. Receiving a bit more financial support means I can spend more time working with students, as opposed to spending hours and hours sourcing where we’re going to find this prop or that piece of equipment,” Duncan says. “When you receive a gift from the annual fund, especially from an individual, it’s an acknowledgement that they support what we’re doing; it’s a way of saying, ‘We applaud what you do. Please keep doing it.’ I hear it daily: the students love the arts and they want more of it. Support through Dream Big means they can continue doing what they love.”

A Dream Takes A Team

You, too, can be their champion. Behind each SMUS student with a big dream is a team of people committed to helping make that dream a reality. That team includes teachers, counsellors, coaches and donors – all working together to give each student the support needed to make their dream real.

Please join us in supporting the Dream Big Fund.

Donate online at www.smus.ca/dreambig or contact Shara Campsall, Director of Annual Fund, at shara.campsall@smus.ca or 250-370-6197.


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