Health and Wellness Week Arrives at SMUS

Ritch Primrose

As cherry blossoms bloom and dot the driveway of our Richmond Road campus, spring is clearly in the air. Springtime, as a season of renewal and growth, is a good time to remind us to practise self-care and include healthy activities in our daily routines.

It is fitting then that this week marks our first ever Health and Wellness week. Over the next five days our school will blossom with activity, as we offer lots of fun, healthy activities to our community. The goal of this week is to promote healthy habits and to build a positive, healthy school culture. We’ll be showing how being a balanced and fulfilled student means having strategies to support wellness.

We’re excited about the energy on campus. Students and staff will participate in outdoor yoga, led by Junior School teacher Ms. Emily Deslauriers. At lunchtime, Senior School students can take an outdoor boot camp or meditate with a Buddhist monk. At the Junior School, students will eat healthy snacks from Brown Hall and help build a new garden. And on Friday, the Junior School will bustle with a wide variety of wellness-related workshops. Our Middle School students will hike up Mount Tolmie together and they will create their own personal health and wellness pledges. A complete schedule of events can be found here.

In Japan, cherry blossoms are revered for their beauty but also for how quickly they come and go. Health and Wellness Week will also come and go quickly. What’s important is that our healthy habits last beyond Friday. This week will lay the foundation for wellness, but the real work will be keeping up with these habits to live a balanced life.


  1. How we manage health issues that arise and learning ways to keep ourselves well while pursuing academia are worthy of our attention. Without our health we have very little, likewise when we learn how to take care of ourselves, a whole world of experience opens to us! The launch of Health and Wellness Week is a good start to Staying Healthy. Thank you.
    Casual Nurse Marcia
    Health Centre


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