Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Closes Its Doors

After more than five months of auditions, rehearsals and performances, Willy Wonka, the Middle School musical, has come to a close. The shows were incredibly well-attended and ran seamlessly, thanks to amazing onstage and backstage work by our talented cast and crew.

Putting on a show that involves every single student and teacher at the Middle School is a major undertaking. We are so proud of our students who took on roles big and small to help make Willy Wonka a wonderful show. The SMUSpaper sat down with some of the students to reflect on their experiences putting on the SMUS musical.

Student Reflections

SMUS-MS-170308-Wonka-R“It was lots of fun being an Oompa Loompa. I’m sort of regretting now not trying out for a bigger part. But it was really great being up there with all the 90 other Oompa Loompas dancing around and having fun. I enjoyed being back at the theatre after doing The Wizard of Oz in Grade 6, but now being on the stage in a bigger role. It was fun being there with all your friends and getting to socialize and have this experience with everyone.” – Robson S. (Oompa Loompa)

SMUS-MS-170308-Wonka-Mc“I’ve danced all my life and I thought dancing in a musical is something I had never done before, and it would be an awesome experience to collaborate in such a unique way with girls from the school. It ended up being such a great time because I really bonded with all of them. It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn and teach each other, collaborate and make something that really was art. Everyone was really nervous when we got to the theatre, especially the girls who hadn’t performed anything on stage before. Being backstage it really put into perspective what we had done together over the course of the last five months. I liked being backstage right before we go on. We were divided up onto both sides of the stage, but we could look across and see each other and smile and we’d get that feeling of, ‘We can do this.’ I hope to get to be able to dance in a musical at the Senior School next year.” – McKenna W. (Dancer)

SMUS-MS-170308-Wonka-M“I played one of Mike Teevee’s friends and I was also an Oompa Loompa. I preferred the Oompa Loompa role a bit more because there was more to it. My favourite part of being an Oompa Loompa was the surprise we gave the audience when we were hiding in the loges; I could see the audience laughing about it! The preparation for the show took a long time but presenting it was fun; just knowing that we’ve worked really hard on it and knowing that we’d do a really good job.” – Matthew W. (Oompa Loompa/Mike Teevee’s friend)

“I’m not big into performing – I felt like I would probably forget all my lines if I tried out for a role – so I worked backstage. It’s pretty fun because you get to look at all the inner workings of the play. It was a really busy job so you’re always doing something; there’s no sitting around and waiting. I was giving props to the actors and also working with the stage crew to help with the scenes. SMUS-MS-170308-Wonka-CrewBeing in the theatre was pretty fun because it’s such a big theatre and it was great to finally get to see everything come together after so many months of work. Finally watching the scenes with the sets, like the Bucket shack and the candy store, was pretty cool. I think being backstage is a good role if you’re not really good at acting or don’t want to do a whole bunch of silly things on stage. And you also pretty much get front-row seats for all the shows, which is pretty cool!” – Logan H. (Stage crew)

SMUS-MS-170308-Wonka-V“I was an Oompa Loompa and it was really fun. We had fun costumes, we did a fun dance, we sung a weird song, but it was all pretty cool. I enjoyed working with a team of other Oompa Loompas because we got to do everything together; working with all the teachers and all the classmates on stage, and going through the whole process was fun. When we were on stage I didn’t feel too nervous because I’ve performed a lot before, and when the lights are on you you can’t really see the audience, so it makes you feel like nobody’s watching. Because I didn’t have a big part, I really liked getting to watch the other people perform!” – Vienna W. (Oompa Loompa)

Congratulations to all of the students, staff, parents and community members who made Willy Wonka a success!

Check out more than 1,000 photos from Willy Wonka on the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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