Grade 4 Student Becomes Principal for a Day

Principal for a Day Wil

Grade 4 student Wil Woods is considering a career in education today.

While earlier this week he dreamed of becoming an actor, he now has a bit of experience being in charge of a school. Maybe he’ll even throw his hat in the ring to replace outgoing Head of School Mr. Bob Snowden.

On Friday, young Mr. Woods was named principal of the Junior School, and got his first taste of admin duties as part of Principal for a Day.

“I think being principal means going to a lot of meetings,” he said before the day began. “You basically take care of the school. I know you have to do work meetings and do planning for the school, but I don’t know what for.”

Taking over for Junior School Director Ms. Becky Anderson, nine-year-old Mr. Woods was eased into the job. No meetings were scheduled, but there was a lot he was looking forward to, especially doing crossing guard duty in the morning with a friend.

Other changes he implemented at the Junior School included watching a movie in the gym at lunchtime and giving his schoolmates more playtime in the afternoon.

“I wanted everybody to have something fun to do, not just one class. But I’ve never done crosswalk and I really wanted to try it,” he said.

Even before taking Ms. Anderson’s job for a day, he said being in charge of the school would be a really tough job, but commended her for being a good Junior School Director!

The hardest part of being a principal, he thinks, is “getting to meetings on time. And also taking care of everybody in this whole entire school.”

As for what advice he would give Ms. Anderson to be the best principal imaginable: “Having a swimming pool and swings in the playground.”

While Mr. Woods certainly won’t accomplish either of those today as principal, maybe if he decides to pursue a career in education he’ll get another chance one day to implement those loftier dreams.



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