Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Visits the SMUS Junior School

Leave it to a group of elementary school students to ask the tough questions of the Lieutenant Governor.

Her Honour the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, visited our Junior School to help mark 150 years since Canada’s confederation to talk about her role as the Queen’s representative. Her Honour is visiting 150 B.C. schools this year.

After sharing with students the details of her work, the duties she upholds and some history of the Lieutenant Governor position, students had a few minutes to ask her some of their pressing questions.

Among the questions were, “How does Brexit impact Canada?” and “Does the crown have a name?”

The Lieutenant Governor certainly enjoyed the questions, and took some time before thoughtfully answering both. As for Brexit, she cited the recent CETA free-trade agreement as a good step in strong relations between Canada and the European Union, but added that nobody knows yet precisely what impact Brexit will have. And she suggested that students research themselves the crowns that are part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, as they do have names and very fascinating histories.

Grade 2 students performed the poem “Where I Live” for the Lieutenant Governor, and she gifted the school library with two books before she left.

Student Reflections

“I learned that all she has to do to pass a law is give the royal nod. I also learned that there is a person like her in every province. If I could, I would ask her ‘How many laws have you rejected?’ I wonder, ‘Does she make up laws, as well?'” – Rupert

“I liked the assembly because I learned a lot about the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. One thing that I didn’t know was that she is a rancher.” – Jack

“I’d like to ask her if her job is hard because it doesn’t look that hard, but I’m sure it’s more difficult than it looks. I’d also like to ask her if she has any brothers or sisters that might help her when she’s in the office. I learned that when somebody wants to make a law, they’ll do a debate and then the Lieutenant Governor will get the final say on it.” – Julian

“The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia (The Honourable Judith Guichon) came to our school. I learned that she lived in the Government House. Also she actually is very funny because she made everybody laugh at her jokes. Did you know that she was a Rancher in Nicola Valley? I wonder when she sees the Queen. Maybe once each year. That was a really fun experience and I probably won’t have that experience again.” – Avery

“I learned that the Lieutenant Governor can be a woman and she had to do A LOT of hard work to become the Lieutenant Governor. If I could ask the Lieutenant Governor a question, I would ask ‘If you could make any law, what would it be?’ I wonder how she became the Lieutenant Governor.” – Maia

“I learned that she was appointed in 2012 and the Canadian anthem we sing was first performed in 1980. A question I would ask is, ‘Did you dream of being Lieutenant Governor of B.C.?'” – Christopher

“The day The Honourable Judith Guichon came into our school was a pretty amazing time because we got the chance to see one of the high command! There were tons of new things that I learned that I thought were very cool. One of the things that I learned is that the 28th Governor General of Canada was David Johnson. Another thing that I learned is the place where she lives is called Government House, near the Thrifty Foods market on Rockland. One question that I would ask Her Honour would be, “If you were not Lieutenant Governor, what would you do?” Something that I’m wondering is when she was a kid, was one of her parents the Lieutenant Governor? – Andrew

“I learned that she is the 29th Lieutenant Governor. I also learned that this is her fifth year of being a Lieutenant Governor. One last thing that I learned was that she is the one that decides if a law can be passed or not. Here are a few questions I would ask her if I could: How many laws have you passed? Do you see the Queen on a regular basis? I wonder if she ever goes to England to see the Queen in person. I wonder if she will ever visit this school again.” – Emily

“Three things I learned from the Honourable Judith Guichon are she is a rancher, she opens and closes the sessions at the legislature and she is the 29th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. I wonder if her kids will be Lieutenant Governor next.” – Chelsea

“I thought it was very nice the way our school welcomed her because it was very interesting to hear her speak and talk about all the different roles she plays and about her amazing job. I liked when she talked about the First Nations. I thought it was a big event to see her speak in front of the school.” – Cooper

“I learned that Judith Guichon started as Lieutenant Governor in 2012 and she will be in office until Nov. 8. Another thing I learned is that Government House garden is 36 acres, which is 14 hectares. There is a Lieutenant Governor in every province. One question I had would be, ‘What do you need to show to become a Lieutenant Governor?'” – Will

“My classmates and I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see The Honourable Judith Guichon. She is the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. I learned that you can be Lieutenant Governor for only five years, unless you get elected twice in a row. I also learned that the Government House garden is 36 acres. I also learned that the Lieutenant Governor before her was named Steven Point and before him was Iona Campagnolo. If I got the opportunity to I would ask her, ‘Is your throne comfy?’ and ‘How often do you visit England?'” – Harris

“The Honourable Lieutenant Governor came and she taught us where she lived. She lives in Government House and she has a ranch that she gave to her kids that own it now. I learned that she serves for only five years. I also learned that one of the things she does is she gives speeches to people. I would have like to ask her, ‘Do you like your job and why?’ and ‘Did you know about being the Lieutenant Governor before you were appointed to that position?'” – Addison

“On February 15, The Honourable Judith Guichon came to our Junior School. I learned that you have to do 1,000 meetings to become a Lieutenant Governor of B.C. and I learned that the Government House land is 32 acres. If I asked a question I would have asked, ‘Why did you used to be a rancher?’ I wonder why she chose our school to visit and I wonder why I never knew about a Lieutenant Governor until this week.” – Willow

“In assembly we saw the Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable Judith Guichon. I thought it was quite cool that February 15 was the birthday of the Canadian flag and that she owned a ranch company. I would have asked, ‘Do you actually sleep and live in Government House?’ and ‘When you drive, what car do you use?'” – William


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