The Best School Year Ever 2017 Finalists Are…

The Best School Year Ever

When The Best School Year Ever® contest became even bigger and better this year (expanding from three scholarship prizes to 10!) we knew it would attract more amazing students eager to win a life-changing education.

This year’s contest became our biggest yet, drawing more than twice as many student entries as last year! That meant our judging panel had a hard time shortlisting just 30 students, and an even harder time ultimately choosing our five finalists and five runners-up.

Congratulations to our five finalists, who will visit St. Michaels University School next Friday (February 24) for their final interview. The winner will be announced March 6.

Our finalists are:

  • Tatum Adair is a hard worker who takes the initiative. The judges really liked the cameos in her video featuring people in her life giving her glowing personal references.
  • Youssef El Mays is a well-rounded philomath who has a voracious appetite for learning and speaks four languages: English, Russian, Arabic and French.
  • Bella Knezevic is charming young woman who is interested in (and excels at) fashion design and visual art, as well as performing arts.
  • Zoe Ouimette is an energetic and positive student who, as a recent transplant from Quebec, has mastered English in a very short time. She is also passionate about soccer.
  • Tessa Rehill is a creative and confident student who has been exposed to international culture her entire life, most recently as a student at an international school in Tunisia.

And congratulations to these five runners up, who each receive a $10,000 scholarship to SMUS:

Stay tuned to the SMUSpaper on March 6 to find out who is named winner of The Best School Year Ever®.

Kyle Slavin
Kyle Slavin is the school's storyteller. Through words and photos, he shares with the community all the amazing things that happen on campus.


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