Choosing the Right High School Courses at SMUS

SMUS students are getting ready to pick the classes they want to take next school year. Choosing the right courses is all about striking a balance of classes that are fulfilling, rewarding and challenging – without the timetable becoming overwhelming.

Our Academic Advising team works with students during course selection season (and throughout the school year) to ensure that balance is right and that students are on track for fulfilling their graduation and university requirements.

Choosing the right courses is important for Grade 9-12 students and not just for university admission. We also emphasize the preparation for life by encouraging students to seek new experiences that may help them find out more about themselves, what they like and what they’re good at. Perhaps they’ll discover a career path they’ve never considered.

The Course Information Evening for Grade 8-11 students and parents was held in the Chapel on Tuesday. If you were unable to attend, or if you attended and would like to review the slides and handouts, here are links and documents from the presentation.

Please feel free to contact the Heads of Department and Program Leaders (their names are on the last page of the Presentation Slides) if you have questions about specific course offerings. You are encouraged to connect with your child’s Academic Advisor if you have questions about our high school program or post-secondary planning.

Please note:

  • The re-registration process must be complete before a student can access the course selection page on SDS.
  • Current Grade 8 students will make their course selections after spring break.
  • Current Grade 9-11 students must make their selections by March 5.
  • Newly admitted students will receive instructions from Admissions on how and when to make course selections.


And as always, as University Counsellors and Academic Advisors, our doors are always open for students and parents to set up appointments to meet with us individually.


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