Service Opportunities Over the Winter Break

Top Five Things to Do Over the Winter Break:

1. Bake some cookies and drop them off at Our Place (a local resource for people in need). It is located at 919 Pandora Avenue.

2. Gather your friends and head out to do come caroling. Perhaps contact a local care home to see if they would like some entertainment. Break out the Christmas classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Joy to the World! Here is a link to a fancy printable song book.

3. If (when?) it snows, grab a shovel and start clearing the sidewalks in your neighbourhood. Some of your neighbours may need extra help getting their driveways clear.

4. Do a beach walk paired with a clean-up. Bring some tongs and a plastic bag to pick up any trash you see.

5. Go through your closet and find any clothes that you don’t wear any more (especially winter coats, hats, mittens, warm sweaters, hoodies, and pants), make sure they are clean and donate them. There are many options, but the Out of the Rain Youth Shelter is a great organization and since they cater to youth in Victoria, they need clothes for people your age.

There are still so many organizations looking for help over the holidays. Search back through past blog posts for inspiration!


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