The word “snow” has been whispered around campus in the last 24 hours, especially among our boarders. Our boarders come from 26 different countries, and every year this group includes a handful who have never seen snow, and for whom its arrival is pure magic. Without fail, there are snowballs, snowmen, impromptu slides down the hill beside the Wenman Pavilion. For other students, who are more used to this kind of weather, any whisper of snow carries another message: a possible snow day. Looking at the forecast, I have my doubts we’ll be seeing a snow day next week, but we are prepared.

My office is decorated for the season: some cedar boughs, some red ribbon, some plastic reindeer stuck to the window, a poinsettia on my coffee table. Tomorrow night at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria, our school really does launch the season with the Parents’ Auxiliary Christmas Gala: this wildly popular School community event, including about 800 students, parents and staff from smallest to biggest, is a wonderfully festive beginning to a couple of weeks of concerts, assemblies and celebrations that spread cheer and light through the School. In addition to this gala for the entire community, another schoolwide event is the Carol Service next Thursday at Christ Church Cathedral, and then the All School Assembly next Friday. Lots of laughter, food, singing, and festive behaviour.

The end of term is nigh, so are the holidays in two weeks’ time: as much as our students love school, they love their holidays at least as much. Between now and then, I intend to make the most of the opportunity to share some light and cheer, snow day or not.


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