Walking the Talk On Healthy Eating

Ritch Primrose

Self-care is one of the cornerstones of SMUS’s Health and Wellness programs. It refers to caring for both the body and the mind. Good nutrition is one of those aspects of self-care that is widely talked about, but not always practised. It’s not a stretch to say that everyone knows how important food is to our overall health and to our bodies. Put good things in, and our hearts, muscles and tissues will be healthier. But what we eat can also impact our brains and learning.

Eating the right foods and avoiding unhealthy foods – like added sugars and chemical preservatives – can have a positive impact on our brains. A clean diet should be filled with whole foods, and heavy on vegetables, berries, seeds, nuts, and healthy meats and fish. This can lead to improved memory, higher levels of cognition, and even help boost our mood.

It’s important that schools provide good food for their students. Brown Hall does its part to provide students with access to three healthy meals a day. Among the wholesome highlights, you can find an expansive salad bar, and entrée selections heavy on vegetables, fish and chicken. Equally as important, you won’t find white bread, sugary cereals or deep fried food in Brown Hall.

In an effort to provide even more healthy options, we are rolling out new selections at our Tuck Shop. FreshCoast will provide delicious salads and bowls that are full of organic vegetables and all-natural dressings. For students who want a refreshing drink other than water, we will offer fresh, cold-pressed organic juice and nut milk from Jusu Bar.

The old adage points out that we are what we eat. Our muscles and bones are stronger, and we are able to perform better physically on a healthy diet. Now we know that eating well can help students ace their upcoming test, or be alert for an important discussion. This aspect of self-care is important for everyone – students, parents and our staff – and we are happy to provide good food options at SMUS that improve health and wellness.

Yours in health,
Ritch Primrose



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