Grade 12s Return to Junior School for Lifers Assembly

You won’t find the definition of a SMUS Lifer in a dictionary, so we’ll let Grade 4 student Avery define what a lifer is:

“A lifer is a person who starts at Grade 1 or Kindergarten and they stay up to Grade 12.”

The SMUS graduating Class of  2017 has 19 Lifers, our largest contingent of Lifers in recent memory. Of those, 15 have been with us since Kindergarten (September 2004) and 4 since Grade 1 (September 2005).

On Friday, the group returned to the Junior School for a special Lifer Recognition Assembly. Each Grade 12 stood up and shared a favourite memory from the Junior School, and then our Kindergarten students presented them with a large, red SMUS Kindergarten polo.

Below are some of our Lifers’ favourite memories from the Junior School:

Matthew- My favourite memory of the Junior School was making gingerbread with Mrs. Duffus.
Riley- My best memory would be the Christmas concert in Kindergarten.
Bryn- My favourite memory from the Junior School is running laps around the field with Mr. Barber.
Sophie- My favourite memory of the Junior School is the Grade 5 opera. Mr. Frater taught me choir from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and he set me on the path I’m on today.
Ricky- My fondest memory from the Junior School is in Kindergarten when we had centres and we would take apart computers or use the building blocks.
Erin- My fondest memory of the Junior School is when it was my turn to take home Chester the raccoon.
Rowen- My favourite memory is from Grade 4 when we were first learning our instruments, and we had to practice our bow through a toilet paper tube.
Jayne- I can’t say this is my fondest memory, but I remember if we didn’t zip our backpacks before recess the leaf monster would come and put leaves inside of it, and when we came back in there would be leaves in our backpack.
Jessa- My fondest memory of the Junior School was in Kindergarten. Whenever it was someone’s birthday Mrs. Metcalfe would cut out a pink heart and we’d all write nice things about them. And then they’d get to take it home at the end of the day.
Nick- One of my favourite memories is the beach days when we would go down to Willows beach.
Anna- One of my fondest memories was probably in Grade 2 when we made Ukrainian eggs.
Jonathan- One of my fondest memories was playing Capture the Flag with Mr. Barber.
Laura- My favourite memories of the Junior School were made in the art room. I still do a lot of art to this day, but I loved working with clay and papier-mâché and learning to draw and paint.
Zach- My fondest memory is Grade 5 social studies with Mr. Chan building Popsicle stick forts.
Jasper- My fondest memories would be either asking Steve Nash if he could dunk or playing four square at lunch – I remember that being pretty competitive.
Grace- My fondest memory would be studying bubbles in Grade 1 with Mrs. Metcalfe.
Jamison- My fondest memory from the Junior School was house games and playing basketball in this gym. I remember the hoops seemed so big and the gym seemed so big.
Ben- My favourite memories are the fire safety days where the fire department would bring a house on a trailer out front, and we’d get to go in and identify hazards, and there was a smoke machine.


  1. Thank you Grade 12 lifers for sharing your memories and providing us with the best assembly ever! How wonderful it was to see all of you back at the Junior School, sitting in your old desks and sharing memories.


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