Remembrance Day: Stand in Silence and Remember

On November 10, our school community gathered together to mark Remembrance Day and honour those who fought for our country and have served in the military. As a school with more than a century of history, including a strong connection to the First and Second World Wars, we put a lot of attention on ensuring that our community recognizes the importance of this day.

You can watch the full ceremony by clicking on the video above.

As is tradition, the SMUSpaper publishes Rev. Keven Fletcher’s speech, delivered during the Middle and Senior School Remembrance Day Service.

Remembrance Day

So many voices. So much emotion.
Competing visions. Conflicting values.
The realities of our nature are very much on our minds as of late.
A cacophony of human sound.

Each of us hears it from a specific perspective, shaped by our own experiences and understandings. It can all become deafening.

How different from this gathering, which finds its centrepoint – it’s culminating moment – in silence.

We gather in a room filled with an array of people who span the globe, representing different cultures and religions and philosophies and political viewpoints. We have a lot to say.

Instead, we will stand in silence and remember.

We’ll remember what it means for our differences to get out of hand, what it means when our political processes spin out of control, and, more than anything else, we’ll remember those who lost their lives because of it.

Before we come to that silence, I invite you to set aside the all-consuming clamor “out there” making room to hear a different set of voices; those of people from all nations who died in the wars.

Hear their voices in a choral piece about our universal longing for home. Hear them in the words of our own Captain Harvey. Hear them through a collage of speeches, each in its original tongue. Hear their voices through the naming of students from this school who lost their lives.

May it be this collection of voices that prepares us for silence… a silence that remembers those who died because others couldn’t find their way.


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