Middle School Lends a Hand and Enjoys Community Service

Every single Grade 6, 7 and 8 student at St. Michaels University School participates in the annual Community Service Day. It’s a day on which every student has a chance to get into their community, and make a positive impact on people and the environment around Victoria. From removing invasive species to visiting retirement homes to lending a hand at the food bank and homeless shelters, SMUS students get a chance to participate in a wide range of service activities.

This SMUS Middle School project is in its seventh year, and we continue to run it because we see the positive impact it has on students and our community. Service is an important part of their education.

“What we are really doing is exposing the students to the world of serving the needs of others,” says Mr. Kevin Cook, director of service. “The aim is to lay a foundation for life-long engagement in our community and the world.”

(photos by Catherine Cade, Mary Smith, Riley McQueen, Valerie Pike and Kyle Slavin)


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