Winding up to get back in the groove

It occurs to me that we are truly “winding up” this week. I have an image of those chattering teeth with a winding knob, and each day I find myself wrapped up in more things and crafting an ever-longer to-do list. For students, I know that all of that will happen when classes start next Thursday when the learning (and homework) starts.

In our offices starting next week, we will be meeting with students and parents to make changes to timetables, to solidify plans for graduation requirements, and to explore the myriad of post-secondary options. Here, too, the winding up happens, but it is always with an eye on maintaining a healthy and balanced life, and exploring passions.

We encourage all our Grade 12 students to view this year as one where, more than ever, they take charge of their future by taking charge of their university applications and program choices. We work closely with students to support them taking the necessary steps and being self-directed to get it all done on time!

In order to hit the ground running, we encourage all Grade 12 parents and students to attend our University Counselling Grade 12 Information evening on Thursday, September 8.

(photo courtesy of aisforangie | Flickr Creative Commons)


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